Lycanites Mobs

Update: Hellforged Part VI - Version for Minecraft 1.16.5


Major Fixes:

Close Containers of Removed TileEntities, this prevents an item duplication exploit.

Known Issues: has had some weird issues but only from some players (I cannot recreate the problem with a fresh install). I'm hoping that uploading a newer version will help and that it could potentially be a file upload/download issue.

If you find most mobs, equipment, spawning, etc missing please report this bug along with your version of the mod, forge version and whether or not you're playing on a server.

All mobs display their name when looking at them up close. This issue will be fixed next update.

Config Changes:

Added useful error message for when people are using outdated configs.


Overhauled a lot of text to be more translator friendly.

Vespids will now become persistent if their master target (Queen) is.

Wargs now apply paralysis when leaping again and only their other effects on attacking.


Fixed the healing rate of bosses when no players are near them.

Reduced the sapwn rate of the Chorus Spawner (Wraamon from Chorus plants in the End).

Minor Fixes:

Improved the Mix Spawner (Xaphan Lava and Water Spawner) to use fluid block palce events where a source block has to be consumed, this prevents exploits using pistons, etc.

Fixed pets/minions set to Aggressive only attacking passive mobs after their owner has once.

Fixed wild mobs not attacking tamed mobs of the same species.

Fixed Summoning Portal height offset.