Lycanites Mobs

Mob Event Trigger

Mob Event Triggers are different to Spawner Triggers and are used for starting Mob Events in various ways ushc as just listening to the random event starter or through regular intervals, etc.

Shared Properties:
  • array[Spawn Condition] conditions

    A list of spawn conditions that are required for this event trigger. Useful if you want different triggers to use different conditions rather than just the base mob event conditions. Default empty.

  • int conditionsRequired

    Determines how many Conditions must be met. If 0 or less all are required. Default 0.


Random triggers are called by the global random world event system where one event is picked at random by their weight and priority to start as a world event.

  • int weight

    The weight of this Trigger, higher weights means that it is most likely to get picked. Default 8.

  • int priority

    The priority of this Trigger. This is usually 1 but if a higher priority Trigger has its conditions met, it will be picked first regardless of its weight. Seasonal mob events use this to override standard events. Default 1.


Tick triggers can be called on various intervals for consistent events. But for more specific event control it is recommended to use the event schedule instead (see the Schedule section on the Mob Event config page for more info).

  • double chance

    The chance of this Trigger successfully firing every trigger tick. (0.0 - 0.1) Default 1.

  • int tickRate

    How many ticks between trigger attempts. Default 400 (20 seconds).


Altar Triggers are called when an alter is activated via a Soulkey.

Altars are currently hard coded but I'm looking at making them JSON defineable in the future to trigger both events and spawners.

See the Events and Altars page for a list of default altars, the name is Title Case with no spaces such as "EbonCacodemonAltar" or "RahovartAltar".

  • string altarName

    The name of the altar. Required.