Lycanites Mobs

Mob Event Effect

Mob Event Effects perform special actions while events are active. I hope to add a wide range of effects in the future, current this is very limited.

Shared Properties:
  • double eventTicksMin

    The minimum time in ticks that the event must have been active for. Default 0.

  • double eventTicksMax

    The maximum time in ticks that the event must have been active for. Default 0 (ignored).

  • double eventTicksN

    The interval of ticks to trigger this effect. Such as every 20 ticks for every second. Default 0 (every tick, same as 1).

World Effect

World effects make changes to the world that the event is running in.

  • string rain

    Controls the rain. Can be: "none", "start" or "stop". Default "none".

  • string thunder

    Controls the thundering. Can be: "none", "start" or "stop". Default "none".

  • int dayTime

    If set, changes the time of day. 20000 is good for night time events. This only moves the day time forwards and not backwards. Default -1 (no changes).

Structure Generation

Structures (such as boss arenas) are currently hard coded, I will look into loading structures from JSON in the future for custom boss arenas, dungeons, etc.

  • string structureBuilderName

    The Structure Builder to activate. See the Rahovart or Asmodeus events for their arena names. This will be removed for something better when custom JSON structures are added.