Lycanites Mobs

Item Drops

Item Drops have several properties, some are only used by certain things such as the dungeon properties only being used by Dungeon JSON.

  • string item

    The id of the item such as minecraft:stone. Modded ids can be used and if nothing matches then this Item Drop is just ignored. Required.

  • int metadata

    The metadata of the item which is used for items or blocks that have multiple forms. Default 0

  • int minAmount

    The minimum random stack size. Default 1

  • int maxAmount

    The maximum random stack size. If less than the minAmount, this value is ignored and the minimum amount is always dropped. Default 1

  • double chance

    The chance of this Item Drop being dropped or placed in a loot chest, etc. Set to 1 for always and 0 to essentially disable this Item Drop without deleting it from json. Default 0 (never)

  • int subspecies

    If set, the subspecies index of the mob such as 0 for normal, 1 or 2 for uncommon and 3 for rare. Note that creature json allows for the subspecies order to be changed. Default -1 (ignore subspecies)

  • string burningItem

    An alternate item id to use when a burning creature drops this Item Drop. Used to drop cooked meat from burning animals, etc. Default: Empty

  • int burningMetadata

    An alternate item metadata to use when a burning creature drops this Item Drop. Default: Empty