Lycanites Mobs


The following features are planned for the future in no particular order. Plans are very subject to change.

Equipment System - Weapon and Armor Overhaul:

50% Complete! Currently the part system is fully implemented, the next stage is to create the tool items itself which will take parts as well as a good GUI for creating tools.

  • Collect Body Parts - New unique drops will be added to each mob such as a Geken Claw, Warg Fang, etc. They can be used to create new weapons and armor or immediately crafted into a useful vanilla items too in order to prevent inventory clutter.
  • The Lycanite Forge - A new weapon/tool/armor forge block for creating and editing equipment. It will start with 2 slots, one for the first part of the equipment and one for the assembled equipment item. An existing item can be placed in where additional parts can be added too. Once a part is added, it cannot be removed, but later I will add a way to replace parts with other parts, the old part being destroyed in the process.
  • Equipment Parts - Body parts will have several uses added to them, at first I will add weapon parts which can be assembled together to create tools and weapons. Each part will add stats and effects to the weapon such as a Warg Fang adding a chance to paralyse the target hit by the weapon.
  • Rod Parts - Usually some kind of bone or spine, etc. These parts are the main piece of the weapon and depending on the part used, will unlock new part slots in the forge once placed. Some will only unlock a Head Slot other will also include an additional slot at the bottom.
  • Head Parts - Usually some kind of skull or shell, etc. These parts normally go on top of a Rod Part and will unlock new slots depending on the part. The most common slots unlocked will be Blade Slots, Axe Slots, Pike Slots and Jewel Slots.
  • Blade Parts - These are used to create Swords and Maces, usually a head part will have one Blade slot but I will experiment with hybrids later for weapons such as sword-axes. Swords will work like vanilla swords, simple fast single target melee damage. Maces will act like faster Swords for people who miss the spam clicking of old.
  • Axe Parts - These are used to create Battle Axes and War Hammers, usually a head part will have one or two of these slots. Battle Axes will be slightly slower than Swords but will have a cleave ability hitting all targets in front of the user making them great for players who like to charge head first into hordes. War Hammers will be incredibly slow but very powerful and will hit all targets around the user, in front or behind.
  • Pike Parts - These are used to create Pikes, usually a head part will have one Pike slot. Pikes are slower than swords but more damaging and ignore half of the targets armor and have increased melee range.
  • Jewel Parts - These are used to create new Scepters, usually a head part will have one Jewel slot. Scepters will fire a projectile at a either a rapid rate or with a slow charge up for a powerful blast relative to the part used. These will eventually fully replace the current scepter items.
  • Tools - Each weapon type will also work as a tool for harvesting with Diamond Efficiency. Swords as Swords, Maces as Shovels, Battle Axes as Axes, War Hammers as Pickaxes and Pikes as Shears and Hoes. Each part will have different area of effects such as a Hammer that mines a 3x3 area or an Axe that chops a 10 vertical line, there will be all kinds of variation for custom tools.
  • 3D Models - Each part will use a 3D model similar to the mobs in Lycanites Mobs and will assemble together to form a unique weapon which may look awesome, or awful, that is down to you! I may look at making parts dyeable as well as other customisations further down the line too!
  • Shield Parts - I may look into adding Shield Parts which can be used instead of Rod Parts to create shields, these will have extra slots also.
  • Armor - Once the new weapon system is complete, I will move on to Armor Forging with a similar custom system.

Beastiary Overhaul:

  • Creature Knowledge Level 3 - Levels 1 and 2 have now been added, but Level 3 will be added later and will be obtained from creature journals and similar items and will unlock access to Subspecies Skins which is an upcoming new feature also.
  • Beastiary Descriptions - Will be expanded into multiple sections, each unlocked by different means:
    • Summary - A brief summary of the creature. Currently available in game. Unlocked from Knowledge Level 1.
    • Behaviour - Detailed information about what the creature does. Unlocked from Knowledge Level 2.
    • Habitat - Detailed information of where the creature is found. Unlocked from Knowledge Level 3.
    • Drops - A list of items dropped by the creature.
  • Elements - A new section that will contain a description about each element such as buffs, debuffs and other useful information.

Subspecies Upgrade:

  • Subspecies Color Variations are very popular and add fun variety to the mobs as well as more of a challenge, it would be nice to expand upon this.
  • 2D Subspecies - Instead of just recolors, I'd like to vary mobs on both colors and skins.
  • Colors - The current recoloring is eay to make and will stay as it is with some creatures having rare colorations that act as mini bosses.
  • Skins - In addition to colors I'd like to add new skins which would mean new textures or in some cases altered models, these would look very different but would still be familiar to the original mob, the behaviour and stats would be unchanged.
  • Environmental - The skin variations will likely be linked to environment such as Sand Geonachs when they spawn in Hot and Dry tagged biomes.
  • JSON - These will all be added via JSON like current subspecies but they will use JSON Conditions when spawning offering a wide range of things to vary on with a tiny amount of work to get it going.
  • Examples - Interesting creatures could spawn such as a Keppel Sand Geonahc (glass dust elemental), a Staw Spriggan or even a Siren Banshee when spawning underwater (1.13 underwater ruins).

Planned Bosses:

Bosses will gradually be added over time.

  • Lycanite - The Evil Warlock, Grand Chaote and God Pharaoh himself!
    • Havoc Serpent Mount - Lycanite spawns mounted on a Havoc Serpent, a rare breed of Shade, will have a special texture (like other named mob textures). The mount spawns with 1000 health and protects its rider from all harm. This acts as a starting 4th phase. When mounted Lycanite will still use whatever abilities he has based on the current phase. Once defeated this mount wont respawn so if you die and respawn it will remain dead despite Lycanite healing when no players are around.
    • Phase 1: Chaos - An opening phase where Lycanite summons Wraamon and Argi to fight his enemies.
      • Chaos Orbs - Lycanite fires orbs of chaos, these are projectiles that move erratically making them inaccurate but also hard to predict. On impact they will summon Wraamon a new small shadow mob.
      • Summon Argus - Lycanite occasionally fires large orbs of chaos that on impact summon an Argus.
      • Foul Burst - Lycanite will occasionally cause all his chaotic minions to burst with energy damaging anything near them, so keep them clear!
    • Phase 2: Shadow - A more defensive phase where Lycanite uses shadow magic to call Grues to protect him.
      • Chaos Orbs - Same as phase 1.
      • Dark Wave - Lycanite will unleash waves of shadow magic that summon Grues on impact, when at least 1 Grue is present, Lycanite becomes engulfed in shadow and immune to all damage.
      • Lob Darklings - Lycanite will occasionally throw balls of Darklings.
    • Phase 3: Void - A more desperate phase where Lycanite resorts to using void magic to heal himself even at the risk of unleashing deadly Spectres through Void Rifts.
      • Chaos Orbs - Same as phase 1.
      • Dark Wave - Same as phase 2.
      • Void RIft - Lycanite will occasionally open up rifts to the void, these will constantly summon Spectres until destroyed.
      • Spectral Splint - Lycanite rapid fires small shards of void magic, on impact these deal small damage but also heal Lycanite even if fully absorbed by armor and effects.
  • Desert Vastiramu - A collosal rock scorpion-like beast. This boss will be all about the Hunger and Weakness debuffs, to stand a chance the player will need to bring a lot of food! Also Weakness will be used a lot making it hard to damage this boss if the player is too weak.
  • Freshwater Gorgon - A large amphibious water boss that will also fight on land. The Gorgon will heavily use Paralysis, players will need to focus on hiding behind things a lot or face a 'stunning defeat'! The Penetration debuff will be used a lot too, get caught out too much and even the slightest fall will be enough to kill a full diamond player with full health!
  • Saltwater Kraken - A giant squid-like monstrosity! It will feature multiple tentacles that can be killed seperately, new ones grow constantly. Each tentacle the Kraken has boosts its defence to a point where having all tentacles makes it immune to all damage, players must kill off some of its tentacles to be able to apply decent damage. The tentacles will also pick up and throw players randomly.
  • Plains Arvasaur - A large theropod similar to the likes of a Yutyrannus, etc, it wont be a specific dinosaur but will look like a modern interpritation of what one could have evolved into. Like the Ventoraptor it will have bird-like properties. This boss will be all about speed and will perform deadly charge attacks where the player must run!
  • Mountain Golem - A giant rock based creature. Very destructive throwing and rolling large boulders as well as spawning a lot of angry Geonachs. This boss will require a good pickaxe to beat and will be all about shaping the terrain building defensive walls of stone and dirt, creating craters, etc.
  • Shadow Liche - A giant skeletal monstrosity inspired by Red from the popular Godzilla CreepyPasta! This boss will use a chase mechanic where it will periodically open its mouth wide and being to suck everything in with an instant kill ability, it will also summon Grues which will grow over time and then get eaten to recover health as well as summon Shades which will use their roar ability to fear the player and on the last phase lots of Darklings.
  • Swamp Myconid - A giant mushroom creature, inspired by the first boss fight in Wonder Boy In Monster World for Sega Master System (and Genesis)! This boss will create a lot of toxic spores that the player must keep destorying before they are overwhelmed, it will also spawn Triffids.

Special Features:

  • Trophies - Each boss mob will have a special trophy, but also there should be some kind of reward system for hunting/breeding/taming so many of each mob of each subspecies too!
  • Area Events - Random events that operate seperately to World Events. These events wont last for a time duration and then end, instead they will generate a structure or portal in an area where mobs will keep spawning, players will have to destroy these to stop them.

Planned Dragons:

There are currently 4 dragon mobs added now, I will gradually add more over time.

  • Wyverns (Common, Small, Winged Arms, Bipedal) - Common small dragons with winged arms unlike other dragons that have wings coming from their pack as limbs entirely different to arms. Ventoraptors and Uvaraptors are very similar to wyverns however they are birds with no reptilian-like properties that dragons have.
  • Knuckles (Common, Small, Winged, Bi/Quadrupedal) - These dragons have serpent-like bodies, some are bipedal and some are quadrupedal, they are similar to Drakes but differ in body shape. A lot of Knuckers are amphibious.
  • Amphitheres (Common, Small, Winged, Armless, Legless) - Serpent-like dragons with no arms or legs but two large wings. These draogns are constantly in flight except when resting or sleeping. They are also cpable of slithering around the ground like snakes if necesary. Remobra are Amphitheres and thus they will be moved recategorized as dragons in the future and a new flying swamp mob will take their standard swamp creature position.
  • Lindwurms (Common, Small, Winged, Armless, Bipedal, Multiple Heads) - These dragons have two large feet and wings but no arms, they have very long tails. A lot of Lindwurms have multiple heads with a famous one being the Hydra.
  • Tatzelwurms (Common, Small, Wingless, Legless) - Small serpent-like dragons with no wings but large heads and arms, they are known to use their snake-like bodies very effectively.
  • Drakes (Rare, Large, Winged, Bi/Quadrupedal) - Large, rare dragons with two wings, two legs and two arms/legs. Some Drakes are bipedal and will stand upright, some are quarupedal and some change stances.
  • Lungs (Rare, Large, Wingless, Quadrupedal) - Large dragons with no wings and long bodies. Some Lungs are gigantic in size and others are able to float through the air.

Planned Mobs:

With some mobs being moved int oa new Elementals group soon there will be less mobs in existing groups.

  • Arctic Loppin - A giant rabbit-like beast that inhabits cold areas. Jumps rapidly with icy stomps that cause slowness.

Additional Creature Groups:

I might add additional groups or maybe reorganise the groups in the future.


Astral Creatures will be generally themed around Order, Light and purity and will be mostly neutral or even helpful to the player (unless angered), though I'm not sure how they would spawn yet, perhaps at great heights. Some of these creatures might even be friendly and protective of other freindly or neutral creatures, for I am going to avoid making sentient creatures however so they will still have to be primitive, animalistic or energy based.

  • Pegasus - A horse-like creature with large wings! Non-hostile, will flee when attacked unless below full health. Would make a great flying mount.
  • Pixie - Glowing wasp-like hostile creatures.

Creatures from space, alternate realities and the void! I might add void wells that spawn deep underground and expose the void where some of these creatures could spawn. The End will be heavily infested also and perhaps the void in the Nether also.

  • Screachers - Dangerous creatures that attack with sonic booms.
  • Gel - Strange slimes often found near rivers, they will attatch themselves to their target like the Darklings causing all kinds of mayhem.
  • Mimic - Will disguise themselves as various objects from chests to workbenches until their prey draws close from which point they'll transform and devour! Will also possess anything they can disguise into instead too.
  • Doppelganger - Strange creatures that will copy the form as a random player, once they get close, they will transform into their true hideous form and attack!