Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Aberrant Station - Version for Minecraft 1.15.2


Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

New Mob Added: Archvile

New Rare Variant: Royal Archvile

New Rare Variant: Phosphorescent Chupacabra

New Chupacabra Model

New Cacodemon Model Added

New Dungeon Added: Aberrant Station

New Decorative Blocks Added: Aberrantstone

Dungeons now have a 25% chance to spawn large towers above them.

Added new Diamond Pit sectors to all dungeons.

New Creature Filled Soulstones Added: There is now one Soulstone per Creature Type such as the Imp Soulstone.

Undead Soulstones and Elemental Essencestones should both act as regular Soulstones, once tameable creatures are added to these groups, they will spawn in a random pet like the other soulstones instead (though I have different plans for the Elemental Essencestone).

Added New Craftable (Mob Free) Fluids: Rabbitooze, Sharacid and Vesspoison.

Added New Poison and Acid mob spawners.

Mobs now have Variants and Subspecies where Variants replace the color subspecies (Scarlet Pinky) and Subspecies replace the skin subspecies (Moloch Pinky). A mob can have both a subspecies and a variation as well (verdant Moloch Pinky). Variants have different textures and gain stat increases just like before where as Subspecies have different models and textures and different elements altering certain weaknesses and resistances they have as well as any buffs or debuffs they give.

New Command Added: /lm dungeons locate

Major Fixes:

The Pet Manager should no longer show duplicated pets and should be more reliable as it uses UUIDs to store pet data now.

Fixed a crash caused by some special projectiles.

Fixed a bug where dungeons would stop generating if no available dungeon scematics were found for a particular biome.

Fixed Pixen buffs also being applied on the client causing 'ghost effects'.

Moved Familiar Data Loading into a separate thread to prevent it from causing servers to hang.

Fixed a crash caused by Concapede Heads on Sponge Servers.

Fixed a random crash caused by the creature pathfinder.

Fixed the rendering of Fire, Cloud and Web Blocks, no more black background!

Fixed sprite projectiles not showing.

Known Issues:

Effect blocks like Scorchfire or Frostwebs have a solid black background instead of an alpha cutout.

Dungeon Generation is fractured, the Dungeons do generate but with missing chunks as other WorldGen cuts through it, this is because they are generating as Features instead of Structures, this is temporary and will be fixed one Structure WorldGen is working.

Config Changes:

Updated all jsons to use "biomeTags" in place of "biomes" in order to prevent confusion with "biomeIds". I have made this change backwards compatibile so old json files with "biomes" set will still work but for tidyness I recommend swapping over to "biomeTags" whenever updating a json that has been customised.

Added "bossNearbyRange" optional property to creature json for changing the boss radius from the default 60 blocks (used by Asmodeus due to his larger arena).

Added a config option to control the Boss Health Damage Cap.

Added a config option to control the Pet Follow Distance (server side, will become a per player Beastairy setting later).

Added config option to disable sneak dismounting which is true by default, sponge servers may need this disabled to stop players getting stuck.

Item Drops (Mob Drops) now have the "amountMultiplier" property, true by default, when false, this prevents the drop amount from being multiplied by conditions like subspecies, etc.


Asmodeus' arena now uses the new Aberrantstone and their summoning altar is now the same shape as Rahovart and Amalgalich but using a new Aberrant Soulcube in the middle.

Added a status message to warn players that attack bosses from too far away that the boss is not taking damage.

Mounting a creature will now display an updated status message with both the new dismount and ability keys.

Added a config option to control the generation chance of dungeon towers.

Added blocks to the outside of dungeon sectors to improve their appearance, mostly for towers but good for exposed underground dungeons as well.

Added some extra spawners in empty dungeon sectors such as the pit rooms.

Added a voiceline to the Amalgalich event theme.

Added Mount Descend Key which defaults to Shift.

The native biomes and drops of each creature can now be viewed in the Beastiary at Rank 2 Knowledge.

The Beastiary will now play Subspecies Sounds (such as when viewing info about the Void Astaroth).

Using a /summon command with a Variant, Subspecies or Scale set will now work without having to include FirstSpawn:true.

Player Familiars will now save their inventory and can be levelled up.

Targeting AI Goals will now perform distance checks before line of sight checks for improved performance, thanks to Charles445 for pointing this out.

Reduced the default lifetime of most projectiles from 10 down to 5 seconds.

Using a bucket on a Volcan minion will now fill it with lava.

Wild Kobolds will now drop any items they've collected on despawning.

Rahovart and Asmodeus will now look at their primary target.

Rahovart will now summon 1 giant Archvile per player during Phase 3 which will respawn every 10 seconds.

Asmodeus will now summon Spectres as anti-flight minions.

Improved Food Item compatibility with other mods.

Reimplented Dark and Light creature Groups, Wisps and Slyphs will now fight Grues, Shades and Darklings.

Optimised Follow AI Goal.


Mobs can now only be tempted for taming when they are not in a pack, a new config option has also been added to prevent this if desired.

Blocks can no longer be placed or destroyed within the presence of a boss except from effects such as projectiles that place webs or fire.

Increased the difficulty and rewards of dungeon bosses.

Mob Events will now adapt the number of mobs spawned around clusters of players in order to keep the events challenging but not over the top in order to maintain gameplay balance and server performance.

The Leech Effect will now only heal for an exact amount based on it's level, so Leech I will heal for 1 health (half a heart), Leech II for 2 health, etc. This is regardless of damage dealt (including 0 damage).

The Penetration Effect will now only deal 25% extra damage per effect amplifier. So Penetration I will now deal 125% damage and Penetration II will now only deal 150% damage (down from 200% damage).

The Hells Fury event now also spawns Belphs, Behemoth and Archviles (rare).

Reduced default mob spawn rates from ooze.

Updated the break down recipes of several Equipment Parts so that they all break down into Charge items.

All decorative crystal block recipes now use 1 glowstone and 1 block of their associated stone, ex: 1 Demonstone + 1 Glowstone = 1 Demoncrystal

Balanced the drop rates of various Equipment Parts.

Increased the speed of Ventoraptors and Uvaraptors, they can now outrun players in open terrain, watch out!

Amalgalich will now dismount all players affected by it's suction, take care when using mounts again this boss!

Amalgalich will no longer do a weaker suck when crouching down allowing for more time to escape for melee players.

Amalgalich will now apply vertical force sucking targets upwards or downwards as well.

Geonach, Vapula and Spriggans can no longer drown underwater (elementals don't need to breathe).

Rocs and Raiko spawned from events will now be aggressive regardless of daytime.

Fixed Epion greifing not working.

Krakes now only spawn by rivers but can now spawn by mountain rivers.

Fixed Zoataur blocking even when their stamina is depleted.

Increased the aggressiveness of Rahovart's hellfireball attacks.

Rebalanced default food effects.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed Equipment area harvesting at vertical angles incorrectly.

Fixed a bug where sweeping damage was dealt when equipment weapons were on cooldown.

Equipment sweeping attacks now no longer affect players.

Fixed Vapula Crystal having a Block Harvest shape at level 3 and invalid harvest properties at level 2.

Fixed a bug where Equipment Forges were checking the level of Equipment Parts incorrectly allowing higher level or preventing lower level parts from being usable in the forge.

Fixed a bug with Equipment Part dyes always being green (dying is still subtractive, I'll be implementing more vibrant dyes in the future).

Fixed a visual bug with Wooden Guard Head Parts where they had a bad offset for attaching blades onto the model.

Fixed a bug where minions would heal their master if their master had the leech effect.

Fixed a bug where Penetration Level 1 had no effect.

Fixed a bug where dungeon blocks were able to be destroyed by standard explosions (they should have the same resistance as obsidian).

Fixed a but where all chests in dungeons were facing north.

Fixed a bug where some pit sectors had the wrong block ids causing empty pit rooms.

Fixed a bug where a block update was being called on fire and cloud blocks in dungeon pits causing them to randomly despawn during generation.

Fixed a bug where regular Soulkeys were able to random spawn boss variants.

Fixed "sizeScale" creature json property not working.

Fixed a weight inaccuracy issue with Spawners and Dungeon Boss Spawning.

Fixed a bug where the "ignoreMobInstanceConditions" json property wasn't being loaded, this is only for anyone creating custom spawners that need to disable certain entity spawn checks.

Fixed a bug where block break based spawners were counting the block broken twice for spawn chances.

Fixed a bug where some spawners were spawning mobs around players in Spectator Mode.

World events will now activate on servers and dimensions with no players online preventing them from queuing up and waiting for players.

Fixed several mobs not dropping their charge items.

Fixed a bug where babies were wrongfully dropping items.

Fixed a bug where dungeon bosses where having their loot added multiple times!

Fixed a bug where dungeons would destroy chests sometimes.

Fixed the dungeon treasure room not generating on the lowest level.

Fixed a bug where dungeon biome tags were not being used meaning dungeons would generate in the incorrect biomes.

Fixed a bug where mobs with variations were dropping stacks of Equipment Parts.

Creatures will now check if potential allies are also wild or tamed with the same owner when checking their pack size.

Fixed passive mobs not running away when hit, they will now also flee a greater distance depending on their size.

Fixed a bug where some avoid AI was still wrongfully active on tamed pets.

Improved pet protection against owner and non-pvp player damage, player projectiles like arrows should no longer harm pets.

Fixed a bug where pets and mounts in the beastiary sometimes incorrectly dispalyed level 1.

Fixed the special slot icons in the pet inventory no longer showing.

Applied a minimum distance cap to all knockback and pull in effects on mobs, effects and equipment, this prevents a divide by zero case.

Added a motion cap to all entities to stop any cases where they could zoom off and cause the game to hang.

Fixed a bug where flying creatures were not always targeting players that were in water.

Kobolds should no longer wrongly loot Redstone Torches!Catch!

Wisps will once again catch Light Balls and players can now also throw a Light Ball to a Wisp where the wisp will catch it instead of taking damage.

Fixed Darklings not attacking at the correct rate when latched onto a target.

Fixed a bug where one invalid familiar entry in the database caused all familiars to not load after the entry.

Fixed Conbas, Quillbeasts, Rocs and Raiko not targeting correctly.

'Friendly' Pixens will now retaliate for a bit if hit.

Fixed Wraiths not wandering around frequently enough.

Fixed a bug where Rahovart and Asmodeus would constantly spawn their anti-flight minions at players in spectator mode.

Fixed boss summoned minions staying too close to the boss.

Fixed rendering issues with creature previews in the Beastiary and Pet Inventory screens.

Fixed some mobs not firing projectiles from the correct Y offset, this really affected the Astaroth and Behemoth.

Fixed certain fluids not have the correct light levels.

Improved mod compatibility with the Tree spawner (Dynamic Trees mod, better tags usage, etc).