Lycanites Mobs

Update: Avian Awesomeness - Version for Minecraft 1.14.4


Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

Added two new debug commands: biomesfromtag and listbiometags, these commands are useful for seeing what biomes have what tags when editing mob spawning.

Major Fixes:

Improved biome loading to fix compatibility with mods that add biomes or dimensions such as Biomes O Plenty or The Midnight, Glacia, etc.


Improved Japanese transtions, special thanks to Kunikai235 for sharing his translations.

Known Issues:

Dungeon Generation is fractured, the Dungeons do generate but with missing chunks as other WorldGen cuts through it, this is because they are generating as Features instead of Structures, this is temporary and will be fixed one Structure WorldGen is working.

Missing Features:

Fluids (Ooze, Pure Lava, etc) are not added back yet.