Lycanites Mobs

Update: Hellforged for 1.12.2 - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


New Features:

Implemented new VBO based entity rendering for significant FPS boosts of easily 10X! Massive thanks to Meldexun for contribution this update.

Major Fixes:

Fixed Soul Contracts not working.

Fixed Skylus shooting off into space and lagging the game.

Fixed many Equipment Parts not being craftable down into charge items.

Fixed mob events and some spawners failing to spawn mobs on snow layers.

Config Changes:

Add "blockProtection" json property to mob spawn entries.


Fixed many Equipment Parts having missing effects.

Some Equipment Parts now fire a project on primary/secondary instead of secondary/primary for better usage such as shears.

Minions from Summoning Pedestals no longer count as player damage preventing certain mobs from dropping items unless a player deals damage themselves.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed Portals from Summoning Pedestals not closing when out of fuel.

Fixed looting affect Soulstone drops from bosses.