Lycanites Mobs

Update: Hellforged for 1.12.2 - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


New Features:

Added new projectile particles and animations.

Major Fixes:

Fixed Vespid Hives.

Fixed several memory leaks.

Fixed several duplication exploits with containers.

Config Changes:

Added new config option to add block protection in proximity around entities by their entity id.


Umber Cherufes no longer create source lava blocks.

The mix spawner (Xaphan spawner) now only triggers when a lava source is turned into obsidian and no longer uses block ticks, etc to calculate this to prevent exploits.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed boss altars removing bedrock.

Several block changing effects from altars to hive building will no longer affect blocks with a tile entity.

Fixed pet ai and wild mob pet targeting issues.

Blocking with a shield no longer grants full immunity to projectiles however due to a 1.12.2 bug, blocking fast moving projectiles such as Reiver attacks isn't 100% effective, this is fixed in newer versions of minecraft.

Fixed piercing damage cutting through shields.

Tamed creatures can no longer give knowledge.