Lycanites Mobs

Update: Hellforged for 1.12.2 - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


New Features:

Remastered Mob: Ignibus

New Mob Event: Aberrant Assimilation

Major Fixes:

Fixed a bug where natural despawning was disabled for Necrovore and Tpumpkyn.


Adding visibility multiplier to targeting ai, thanks to JackieCrazy.

Reduced the volume of Necrovore and Tpumpkyn sounds.

Overhauled how tamed pets credit their owners when getting kills and dealing damage.

Added Creature Knowledge threshold for knowledge gained from kills so that the message doesn't appear too often.

Adding language entries for Equipment stats.

Renamed Shadowstone to Umbrastone (ids have not changed but will later in 1.17+).

Removed Trites from Arachnophobia as they are not arachnids and are now part of the new Aberrant Assimilation event.


The Darkness spawner is no longer active in the Nether and the End by default.

Added player damage requirement to the lava underground spawner.

Reduced the rate of the pumpkin spawner.

Improved the spawning accuracy of the fishing spawner.

Astaroth now have a melee attack in addition to their usual ranged attack.

All bosses will no heal when no players are nearby.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed Pixens not dropping charges.

Fixed Rahovart, Asmodeus, Ika and Wildkin drops.

Fixed a crash when Joustes try to become Alphas if Alpha Joustes are disabled via the configs.

Fixed mob event start commands.

Fixed pet attacking being delayed.

Fixed Necrovores hiding under trees when the sun is down and getting stuck in water when expsoed to the sun, this fix also affects mobs with similar behaviour like Ghouls.

Fixed tamed Kobolds not fighting.

Improved laser projectile sound looping.