Lycanites Mobs

Update: Reforged - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


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Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

Mounts will now melee attack their rider's attack target.

Mobs will now stop attacking their target if their target becomes invalid, for example, when taming a mob, a player's pets will stop attack that mob if it becomes tamed.

Major Fixes:

Fixed melee attack ranges being too short. The melee attack range calculations were using logic from the old AI which uses different maths.

Fixed a bug where pets in aggressive stance were not actively targeting enemies due to a possible vanilla/forge bug where their owner is sometimes returned null.

Fixed a bug where tamed pets had wild stats.

Fixed pets always dropping their inventory on death.

Fixed a bug with the paddle ai goal where all creatures would sink in water or lava instead of swimming upwards.

Fixed flying mobs sinking in water.

Fixed a bug where normal mobs were dropping extra items amounts that only subspecies should.

Fixed Cinders fusing into Argus or Aegis instead of Grues and Wisps.

Fixed the fear debuff causing players to fly around uncontrollably.

Equipment Pieces not returning Forge Tool Classes, this should improve compatibility with other mods.

Config Changes:

Added support for adding entity ids to creature groups, this allows for any vanilla or modded mob to be added to a group to improve control over how LM mobs interact with other mobs.


Increased the default sizes of dungeon boss rooms.

Concapede Segments no longer use the pathfinder as they don't really need it and it saves massive amounts of performance.

Increased the stray distance for mobs following alphas slightly.

Reduced the range that pack hunting mobs search for pack members by.


Added the Ender Dragon to the boss group so that the Void Astaroth no longer shoot the crap out of it!

Pet respawn times have been lowered to 3 minutes, now show their remaining time in seconds and are configurable.

Reduced the blocking change of the Aegis from 75% on hit down to 50% on hit.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed dungeon bosses being lured by treats.

Added health bars to all dungeon bosses.

Boss Health Bars now respect nametags, used for dungeon bosses.

All creature groups now ignore the boss group by default.

Fixed a bug where creature groups would still hunt or pack hunt groups that they should ignore.

Ghosting mobs like the Banshees will no longer check if they can see a player when deciding to target them.

Fixed a bug where ghosting mobs like the Banshee of Reaper would lose their target if they couldn't path to it despite them not needing to path.

Pet inventories will no longer spit any items onto the floor that are removed from them except for Chests due to the GUI needing to refresh to show the item slot changes.

Fixed mobs always searching for a parent to follow, this was causing a high amount of demand on the follow parent ai goals.

Fixed Jousts and Makas searching for alphas to follow outside of their follow range.

Fixed Jousts not targeting their alpha's target.

Fixed passive mobs like Maka and critters like Kobolds not running away when hit.