Lycanites Mobs

Update: Salty Skies - Hotfix B - Version 1.9.1b for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Drive

Configs older than 1.9.1 will be cleared, be sure to back them up!

Hotfix B:

Bug Fix: The Demon Mobs have come back from their holiday! :D Well, actually,t here was a big bug, negative dimension IDs were being ignored and with the Nether being ID -1 it meant that no Demon Mobs would spawn there... Oops, fixed now though!

Bug Fix: I forgot to add the Raiko Beastiary Icon, it's added now!

Bug Fix: Pure Lava will now destroy items instead of having them bounce around!

Failsafe: I had some crash reports regarding a dimension ID check, null checks have now been added that might stop these crashes, I'm still not to sure what's caused it though, it seems to be related to using Just Another Spawner I think.

Tweak: Scorchfire is now finally balanced, it spreads pretty much the same as regular fire now.

Russian Language updated by Merkaba! Thanks man!

Initial Release A:

New Mob Added: Raiko

Various bug fixes, improvements and code tidy up.

Reduced the spawn rate of Zephy