Lycanites Mobs

Update: Yeti Yeti Yeti! - Version 1.6.2b for Minecraft 1.7.2


MediaFire Drive

Hotfix B:

Raised the load order of the custom potion effects in hopes to thwart the custom effect crash bug. No crashes when testing with several mods that add their own effects.

Yeti Meat should now class as Pork, this is for the crafting recipes of other mods such as Harvestcraft.

Eating Raw Yeti Meat will now apply movement slowdown rather than poison.

Updadated the Yeti description in the Beastiary to including milking info.

New Arctic Mob Added: Yeti! Can be farmed using vegetables but watch out for Frost Clouds!

New Food: Yeti Meat and Pale Soup

New Item: Frosty Fur, dropped by Yetis, places temporary Frost Cloud Blocks. Will be usable in Dispensers in the future.