Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Frozen Web - Version 1.4.9 for Minecraft 1.6.4


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New mob added: The Frostweaver!

New projectile added: Frostweb Shot

New block added: Frostweb

Erepedes have been completely redesigned! They have a brand new model and textures. They are now hostile creatures until tamed and only spawn at night. They also receive a big mounted speed boost when moving across sand material blocks making them very effective desert and beach mounts.

Dwellers should no longer suffocate in water! They will also no longer suffocate when standing on ground and under leaves in rainy weather as the rain leaks through the leaves to keep them moist.

Reduced the attack damage of various mobs: Pinkies, Alpha Jousts, Jousts, Alpha Makas, Makas, Aspids.

Reduced the default Concapede size limit from 20 down to 10, making them 11 entities long in total. You will need to delete your config for this to take effect.

Concapedes can now also climb!

Revamped the projectile code, most projectiles can't be used underwater now and can shot through tall grass, e