Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Moose is Loose! - Version 1.4.8 for Minecraft 1.6.4


MediaFire Drive

New mob added: The Jabberwock!

New effect added: Weight, this will pull you down reducing jumping, increasing falling damage and also pulling you to the bottom of rivers, lakes or oceans.

Improved the attack targeting AI with enemy and ally pack functionality. This means that some mobs will not compare their pack size with their targets pack size before deciding whether or not it is safe, such as Ventoraptors and animal herds. This means that your sheep farm in the plains will be safe if there is a very large herd and no large groups of Ventoraptors nearby.

Vanilla mob dungeons will now feature spawners for mobs from this mod. Any mods that use vanilla methods to get random spawners will also benefit from this. This applies for mobs that spawn as MONSTER only and uses their spawn rate where a spawn weight of 8 = a dungeon spawner chance of 200, the same as a Zombie Spawner chance. 4 = 100 the same for Skeletons and Spiders.

Ventoraptors can now only be tamed with Cooked Maka Meat.