Lycanites Mobs

Update: Fins and Lava - Hotfix C - Version 1.4.11c for Minecraft 1.6.4


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Hotfix C:

New global config setting: Spawn Weight Scale. This allows you to quickly scale all the weights of every mob from this mob. By default it is 1.0, setting it to 0.5 will half all the sapwn weights, use this if you want to see more of other mobs from other mobs or vanilla.

Fixed a bug where Makas and Jousts had a chance of becoming alphas after breeding instead of just when they are growing up from infants.

Hotfix B:

Water and Lava Mobs will now correctly check for surrounding solid blocks when spawning.

Added a second check to mobs that spawn around block such as Fire, Lava or Portals. This should work as a fallback for mob spawning mobs.

Dwellers should spawn now, only in swamps though.

Concapede Segments will now check for at least one nearby Concapede Head if naturally spawning. They shouldn't naturally spawn at all though, this is just a fallback for weird configs and mob spawning mods.

Initial Release A:

Two new mobs added! The Lacedon and The Lob