Lycanites Mobs

Update: Pet Inventories and New Food - Version 1.3.2b for Minecraft 1.6.4


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3 new food items are available: Amber Cake, Moss Pie and Devil Lasagna, these are crafted using Cooked Joust Meat, Cooked Aspid Meat and Cooked Pinky Meat respectively, see the Blocks/Items page for the full recipies. These new foods grant Speed, Regeneration and Strength buffs respectively and the Cooked Meats will no longer give these buffs. I did this to make the buff foods a bit more challenging to make as they are pretty powerful, also the new food items only stack up to a size of 16.

Added item lists such as a Cooked Meat list, these are used in code to help group together various items. With these new lists any pet can be healed with any Cooked Meat item from Cooked Beef to Cooked Pinky to Moss Pie! These lists will be used for all Healing, Luring and Breeding items and sometimes Taming items.

Pinkies will now attack any mob based off the vanilla animal code but will prioritize Cows, Pigs and Sheep and use only those for breeding, they will also attack any animal