Lycanites Mobs

Update: Mount Abilities and Pet Armor - Version 1.3.1 for Minecraft 1.6.4


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Mount Abilities are now fully functional! Press the F key to use a mounts special ability (can be changed in options). Mounts also have passive abilities too, see the creatures page for more info!

Pet Armor has been added! The Vanilla Horse Armor item will be renamed when using this mod to Pet Armor (only the name is changed nothing else so it should work fine with any other mod and vanilla horses). Each tameable mob (both pets and mounts) can wear Iron, Gold or Diamond armor.

On death, pets/mounts will now drop any equipped items such as their armor or saddle. I will possibly be adding mount/pet inventories in the future so that they can carry your items, these will then all be dropped too.

Baby Pinkies and Cacodemons will now be lured towards you and wont attack if you hold their taming item (a Hellfire Charge), just like every other tameable mob.

Fixed a bug where Pinkies would no longer breed! So breed away and get your Diamond Pinky Mounts!