Lycanites Mobs

Update: General Improvements and Saddles - Version 1.3.0b for Minecraft 1.6.4


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This is mainly a bug fix and tidy up for the new mounts.

Mounts all now have saddle textures, the temporary [Not Saddled] and [Saddled] tags have been removed from the mount names.

All tameable and farmable creatures are no longer classified as mobs and will thus no longer be targeted by Golems or NPC-like mobs from various other mods.

Fixed a bug where baby creatures were called Baby Baby!

Fixed a bug where any tameable creature has 's at the start of it's name if it wasn't tamed yet.

Improved the item drop rates system! I have created a new system that gives me a lot more control over how often each item is dropped. Rare drops such as Doomfire Charges from Belphs or Poison Glands from various swamp mobs should now be easier to obtain (they were far too rare). This also opens up a few oportunities for special drops later such as rare recolored mobs dropping better things or a mob dropping an item only when it is poisoned.

Most creatures will now call for help when they are a