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Update: The Beastiary II - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


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Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

A brand new Beastiary has been added!

Subspecies and sounds can now be viewed in the Beastiary Creature List.

The new Beastiary includes an overhauled Pet Manager and Summoning Manager.

Summoned Minions can now be set to subspecies.

More Beastiary features are also planned, included the Elements page and much, much more!

Pets now have a new Assist stance in addition to Defensive stance changes, in this stance they will defend their owner form attacks and attack what their owner attacks (same as old defensive stance).

Pets in Defensive stance will no longer attack what their owner attacks, they will only attack anything that attacks their owner.

Creatures can now have multiple elements.

Major Fixes:

Fixed a bug where any mob with pet AI had its health reset when it was unloaded.

Fixed a but with Mob Events where mobs spawned by an event were losing track of their event breaking event based behaviour such as the Roa during the Sharknado event.

Config Changes:

Added a new config option to change the minimum space in chunks between dungeons.

The Creature JSON "element" property can optionally be repalced with "elements" provding a list of elements instead.


Roc Treats now cost Cooked Rabbit instead of Rabbit Feet.

Raiko Treats now cost Cooked Fish instead of Ika Meat.

Roa Treats now cost Cooked Ika Meat instead of Ink Sacs.

Lurkers are now poison and shadow element.

Eyewigs are now arbour and shadow element.

Kobold are now order and chaos element (but apply no debuffs).

Vespid Queens are now acid and poison element.

Dawons are now frost and crystal element.

Afrits are now fire and acid element.

Treants are now arbour and electric element.

Sutiramu are now crystal and quake element.

Manticore are now order and quake element.


Skylus now apply a debuff (blindness).

Minor Fixes:

Added missing Morock Step Sound.

Roa whirlpools no longer affect other Roa.

Roa whirlpools during the Sharknado event no longer checks if targets are on land or not.