Lycanites Mobs

Update: Faerie Nice! - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


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Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

New Mob Added: Nymph - A Fae Elemental

Major Fixes:

Applied a possible fix for clients getting stuck when picked up by mobs.

Fixed a crash caused by Doomfire when Decay is disabled.


Decay will now always round down meaning that healing amounts of 1 will just heal for 0.

Rejuvenation will now always round up giving more healing values a little more of a boost.

Reduced the spawn weight of Maka and Joust Alphas from 8 down to 1 to make them significantly less common than non-alphas again.

Increased the sight of Djinn to 24 up from 16.

Triffids now inflict 15 seconds of plague.

Rare Subspecies now multiply health by 20x by default up from 10x, you will need to manually update this config value or reset your config for this.

Minor Fixes:

Shadowfire and Icefire should no longer damage associated mobs that shouldn't be damaged by them.

Fixed a bug where Lunar Grues were set as uncommon subspecies instead of rare.

Ents and Chupacabra should once again leech health.

Fixed a bug where Instability wasn't fully affecting players due to no network packet updating velocities.