Lycanites Mobs

Update: Down In The Dungeons Just Creatures and Me! - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


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Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

New Dungeon System Added! It is disabled by default but can be enabled via the config or with this command: '/lm dungeon enable'

This new JSON Dungeon System should offer great performance as it first generates a layout without placing blocks at all, then as chunks are loaded, bits of the layout are generated onto the chunks, it should perform the same as a vanilla forest but is a new system so feedback is welcomed!

First Dungeon Added: Demonic Temple - Features Demon Mobs, Wraiths, Hellfire, Doomfire and Lava Pits as well three boss, The Baron of Hell, The Arachnotron and The Ebon Cacodemon.

New Mob Event Added: Reptile Ruckus - Spawns Gekens, Salamanders and Shades, it' scaly and scandalous!

Major Fixes:

All mounts should now swim in water, non-swimming mounts will move at 25% speed but will have full swim controls like swimming or flying mounts.

Fixed a crash when using vanilla entities or entities from other mods in the JSON Spawners.

Item drops added to entities are now saved to NBT, this means that item drops added to Mob Spawn entries will be persistent.

Config Changes:

New config folders have been added: dungeons/schematics, dungeons/sectors, dungeons/structures and dungeons/themes. Inside these folders json files can be edited and added to customise and create the new Dungeons.

A Schematic defines an entire dungeon and pulls in the other dungeon parts.

A Sector defines a room such as its size range, floor, ceiling and wall blocks patterns and other various things. There are a few types of sectors.

A Schematic will allow for random vanilla schematic nbt files to be placed inside dungeons, this is currently not implemented yet.

A Theme defines what blocks the Sector patterns refer to.

More advanced documentation like that for the Spawners and Mob Events will be added to the website soon.

Added config options to disable each potion effect.

Added a new Mob Event Command Effect allowing for commands to be run at specific points during an event.


Volcans now also melt Snow layers and Standard Ice blocks.

Roa and Thresher Whirlpools now affect all kinds of entities such as items and boats.


Reduced the damage of the Hellfire Scepter and Arcane Laser Storm Scepter as they were one shotting nearly everything!

Minor Fixes:

Tidied up the pet ownership code, this might help fix problems with Soulstones on servers, etc.

Fixed some cascading worldgen caused by the Chunk Spawner, other spawners are still triggering this occasionally but it is usually just the 1 extra chunk being loaded so shouldn't cause any major lag, but will be looked at.

Fixed a bug where the Mob Spawn value "naturalDespawning" was unable to stop mobs from despawning naturally.

Fixed a bug where the old box-format models (Belph, Behemoth and Pinky) floated above the ground when at larger mob size scales.