Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Return of Gooderness - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

Major Fixes:

Fixed a bug where the new JSON Spawner was using the spawn trigger position (usually the player or where a block was broken) instead of the actual spawn position when checking for: Collision, Bosses, Light Levels and Group Limits.

Mobs spawned by mob events will once again by default by forcefully despawned after 10 minutes (configurable).

Config Changes:

Added two new boolean options to the Block Break Spawn Trigger: "onBreak" and "onHarvest". By default both are true, onBreak refers to the block break event and onHarvest the block harvest event.

Changed the Block Break Trigger "ignoreFakePlayer" option to "playerOnly" which now also checks for events triggered by no players at all as well as fake players, default is true.

By default damage is now increased by 1% per level instead of 10%, you will need to manually update this in the config (or just delete the configs) if it's important.

Added a config option to lycanitesmobs-mobevents.cfg called "Default Mob Duration" which can be used to specify the temporary mob duration of mobs spawned by the new JSON Mob Event system, this defaults to 12000 (10 mins).


Created new voice overs for Winter Gifts and Halloween Treats.

By default the ore, crop, tree and glowstone spawners no longer check for the group spawn limit.

A are now fleshy organisms with moss growing all over there bodies, before they were actually sauropod shaped plant creatures. With this change they no longer take additional damage from axes or fire and no longer heal in water. Fire group mobs such as Cinders will also no longer actively target them.


The default Ore, Tree and Glowstone Block Break Spawners are no longer triggered by the block harvest event using the new "onHarvest" trigger option. These means other modded methods of harvesting (such as the Dark Matter Pick) should by default no longer spawn Geonach, etc.

Winter Gifts and Halloween Treats will now spawn mobs with up to 9 levels added (so level 1-10 by default).

Arisaurs now have 40 base health instead of 20 to better reflect their giant size.