Lycanites Mobs

Update: Absolute Power - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

Brand new JSON based Spawning System! The logic behind all the various spawn types has been completely rewritten and can be controlled via JSON files! Custom Spawners can be added from scratch too! Check out the Spawners Page for more information.

Added fixate AI which can be used with the new spawners to create ultra aggressive mobs that will make it their life mission to chase down the player! Needs in depth testing.

New commands added for reloading custom spawners and toggling debug values in game.

Added Animal and Beast Spawners, these are disabled by default but can be enabled via their JSON files, they replicate vanilla spawning (but need a lot of testing) and can be used in cases where other mods break vanilla-based spawning of Lycanites Mobs.

Major Fixes:

The new Lava Spawner is able to spawn Khalks, Gorgers and (in massive lakes) Ignibus Drakes. The old spawner was partially bugged where it was extremely rare that a large mob could fit.

Config Changes:

Default mob spawn values have been changed, your configs will be overwritten!

A brand new JSON Spawner system has been added! Check out the Spawners Page for more information.


Quill and Throwing Scythe Projectiles now cut away grass for plant blocks!

Calpods will now destroy log blocks! (Can be disabled via the config).

Triffids have joined Spriggans in terrorising farms!

Gorgomites have joined Geonach in harassing miners!

All the old spawners have been recreated with JSON equivalents, these are more efficient and offer a lot of control and have slightly changes, for the better.


Shades and Darklings have increased health.

Quillbeasts fire more quills which are bigger and more accurate.

Minor Fixes:

The new Sleep Spawner uses a cooldown (configurable in the JSON file) to prevent players from spamming beds at night to farm Phantoms.