Lycanites Mobs

Update: Ultimus - Version for Minecraft 1.11.2


Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

New Item Added: Nether Soul Sigil, fires a wave of angry Nether Souls at your target, results can be explosive! Cannot be crafted, dropped by Rahovart and Asmodeus.

The Shade sounds have been remastered.

Major Fixes:

Fixed Concapedes, they should now spawn a random amount of segments again and their segments should now follow correctly again.

Config Changes:

Boss anti flight player height can now be configured, see balancing for more info.

Due to Alpha spawning changes, Makas and Jousts now have new default spawn weights and types, if you have a config already, to use these changes you will need to clear the entries from your config (or delete your configs if you haven't customised them).


Re-added landing AI to Afrits and Arix using the new path navigation system, like back in 1.7.10 they will randomly switch between flying and walking.

Raiko will now land to rest their tired wings. Rocs don't have legs so can't but may hang upside down from blocks in a future update!

Newly spawned Makas and Jousts now have a chance to spawn as Alphas, the chance is based on the spawn weight of the alpha and non-alpha. To disable alphas, set their spawn weight to 0. This means that alphas no longer need to spawn themselves.


Scepters should start firing slightly faster now.

Anti flight mechanics for bosses is now more aggressive and by default will trigger on any player that is 3 or more blocks higher than the boss y position. This is configurable in the lycanitesmobs-general config.

Minor Fixes:

Fixed various follow AI distances being way too far which should make following very responsive now. This affects pets following owners, babies following parents and herds following alphas.