Lycanites Mobs

Update: Behold The Beholder! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Curse

Configs older than will be reset!


Bug Fix: Mob Event announcement sounds should no longer be cut off as they are not set to stream woo!

Bug Fix: The Summoning Focus GUI (green eyes above the hunger bar) should now only ever show when a Summoning Staff is held.

Bug Fix: Removed the incorrect "+1 Attack Damage" text from Scepters as it describes the melee damage but scepters are ranged.

Bug Fix: While fear might still walk players into walls a bit, the player will no longer take damage from suffocation while feared. Note that the player might still get the damage sound and animation, but no damage will be actually dealt.

Improvements: New config options have been added to the lycanitesmobs-general.cfg config where you can now change the durations of the food effects, the foods are split into 4 classes: Raw, Cooked, Meal and Feast.

Improvements: Revised the Overlay GUI code a bit, hopefully this might stop graphical glitches such as a white b