Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Swarm! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Curse

Configs older than will be reset!


Major Bug Fix: Ranged mobs should be able to damage players again!

Improvement: Pets, Minions and Mounts can no longer by harmed by their owner or other mobs with the same owner. Disabling PvP will also prevent players from taking damage from other tamed mobs belonging to other players, etc.


Major Bug Fix: Zephyr minions should no longer cause a crash on servers.

Major Bug Fix: Grues should no longer cause a crash on servers.

Improvement: Minions spawned from the new minion swords will now spawn behind and to the side of the player instead of on the player.

Improvement: Pet/Minion Inventories can now only be opened by sneak right clicking or with an open hand.

Bug Fix: Kobolds will no longer steal torches if the "mobGreifing" gamerule is false.

Bug Fix: Pets, Minions, etc will no longer harm their owners with ranged attacks (unless Friendly Fire is turned off via the config).