Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Swarm! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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Configs older than will be reset!


New Weapon Added: Cinderfall Sword, Venom Axeblade

Improvement: Revised the item damage modifier code for mobs such as Geonachs (weak to pickaxes) and Spriggans (weak to axe). Any item that is effective at mining a block similar to the mob such as stone for a Geonach or wood for a Spriggan will now deal additional damage to the mob. Before the code searched specifically for vanilla items or items with pickaxe, axe, etc in their name which wasn't the best way of implementing this.

Bug Fix: Inferno Mobs such as Cinder should never take any damage from Fire damage types. While they were already immune to being set on fire, damage that was treated as fire damage would still damage them.


New Jungle Mobs Added: Vespid and Vespid Queen

Conba can be infected by Vespid where they will become mindless walking nests and will melee attack instead of throwing poop, on death the baby Vespid instead will b