Lycanites Mobs

Update: Trick or Treat?! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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IMPORTANT: Configs older than will be reset to default, be sure to backup or manually increase your config's version in lycanitesmobs-version.cfg, be sure to read the update notes if doing this.


Major Bug Fix: The Lunar Spawner (used to spawn Epions at night during a full moon) should no longer disconnect players with a crash on multiplayer servers.


Bug Fix: Epions now have a config option to disable their explosions and will also respect the mob griefing game rule.


New Shadow Mob: Epion - Giant Death Bats!

New items Added: Blood Leach Charge and Scepter - A life draining projectile!

New Spawn Type Added: Lunar - Used to spawn Epions during the full moon at night!

Event Change: Shadow Mobs no longer spawns Phantoms, instead it spawns Epions in their place with the Grue. Phantoms will be added to a new event soon.

Major Bug Fix: Mobs spawned by none-event spawners should now despawn, mobs that have