Lycanites Mobs

Update: Fear The Reaper! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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IMPORTANT: Configs older than will be reset to default, be sure to backup or manually increase your config's version in lycanitesmobs-general.cfg.


Bug Fix: Corrected the overpowered dungeon loot weights of the Scepters! Whoops! This will effect newly generated chests bug existing ones already have their loot set.


All scepters have been added as rare dungeon/mineshaft/stronghold loot, this will also affect mods that use the vanilla loot entries.

Improvement: Scorchfire spreading has been balanced. Scorchfire now spreads very quickly but also fizzles out fast and doesn't always destroy blocks, this creates a very sudden wave of flame that quickly dies out.

Improvement: Hellfire spreading has also be balacned. Hellfire now spreads very slowly and lasts for a while but also takes a long time to burn through blocks, this will allow for a lot of time to get Hellfire outbursts under control with little damage however if left unattended