Lycanites Mobs

Update: Lycanite's and Gooderness' Special Moblympics! - Hotfix D - Version 1.10.0d for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Drive

Configs older than 1.9.1 will be reset.

Hotfix D:

Sexy new Aspid Model and Texture!

Japanese Translations thanks to Tokikome!

Event durations can now be changed via the config. The default is 2 minutes (up from 1 minute).

Events normally force mobs to spawn and ignore all conditions (except collision), this can now be disabled per event in the config.

Bug Fix: Scorchfire should no longer cause a crash if Penetration is disabled.

Bug Fix: Forced spawning no longer ignores collision checks.

Bug Fix: The config description for custom item drops was incorrect, the format for a new drop is mod:itemname,meta,chance,min,max multiple entries are separated by semicolons (;).

Hotfix C:

Major Bug Fix: I've revised a lot of the Mob Events code now and it is much more stable.

Improvement: I've optimized a lot of the Special Mob Spawner Code, mostly the STORM and Mob Event spawners are affected using a much more efficient random location selector than before.

Bug Fix: Added