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Relentless demons with a gluttonous hunger for flesh! Pinkies love to eat Cows, Pigs or Sheep, so why not bring some to the Nether with you and lure the Pinkies back to your home! Pinky Farming can be very useful as Cooked Pinky Meat is very useful.


Normal, Scarlet, Ashen, Moloch Normal, Moloch Verdant, Moloch Golden


Can be farmed using live Cows, Pigs or Sheep as breeding 'food'. This mob will not despawn (even on peaceful) unless specified in the config.


Baby Pinkies can be tamed using Pinky Treats. Tamed Pinkies will eventually grow up and remain tamed however they will still attack animals (but not players) on sight unless they are mounted. You can heal Pinkies by feeding them any cooked meat.


Tamed Adult Pinkies can be mounted by equipping them with a saddle (Baby Pinkies cannot be mounted or saddled until they grow up). Pinky Mounts will bite anything you attack if close enough, will protect you from the wither effect and their special ability is Withering Roar where every nearby enemies becomes withered (press F to use this ability once mounted).


Raw Pinky Meat

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