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A bizarre insect that is often misunderstood as a giant centipede. Concapedes are actually a connection of strange beetles which latch onto each other, if one segment is killed, the Concapede will split into two and eventually the headless half will grow a new head. Concapedes are vegetarians but will attack at night or in the dark as they feel threatened.




Concapede Heads can be lured with any vegetable. To breed a Concapede you should first feed it any vegetable to make it peaceful, when the love hearts show it is safe to start splitting it up by killing off the body segments, don't hit the head though or it will attack. A headless Concapede will grow a new head, this can take a few days. A Concapede with a head will grow new body segments every day or so up to a maximum of 20 (can be changed in the config).


Raw Concapede Meat (cooked if burning)

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