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Asmodeus is known to be the mastermind behind any form of demonic invasion, sometimes even Rahovart falls in line.

This is a boss mob that is usually summoned via a Boss Event using an Asmodeus Altar. This boss has 3 Battle Phases.

Quick Tacts:
Don't Fly, Avoid The Giant Hellfire Attacks
Phase 1: Kill Belphs
Phase 2: Kill Behemoth
Phase 3: Execution

All Phases:
Asmodeus has a deadly demonic gatling gun mounted under it's platform, avoid this at all costs as it will strip your buffs! It will fire for a few seconds before overheating for around 10 seconds (smoke will come from the gun), this may be your time to strike!
Asmodeus will jump around it's arena in pursuit of it's current primary target (usually the last player to attack it), there is no escape!
Any players that are too high up (flying) will be bombarded with a massive swarm of Nether Souls so stay low.

Phase 1 (100-60% Health)
Summons Trites which have a nasty bite that causes wither.
Every 10 seconds or so Asmodeus will unleash a circular burst of Devilstar blasts outwards.

Phase 2 (60-20% Health)
Summons giant Astaroth which will power a shield making Asmodeus invulnerable, these must be defeated in order to damage Asmodeus.
Remember that Astaroth will explode into a swarm of Trites on death!

Phase 3 (20-0% Health)
Constantly summons Astaroth at a slow rate which will heal Asmodeus if it is below 20% health.
Constantly summons Cacodemons, too many can be overwhelming so keep their numbers under control.




Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Redstone Dust, Diamonds, Nether Stars, Demonic Soulstones, Demonstone, Demonstone Bricks, Demonstone Tiles, Demon Crystals

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