Lycanites Mobs

Update: Hellforged for 1.12.2 - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


New Features:

The latest update for 1.16.5 back-ported to 1.12.2.

New Tameable Mob: Necrovore

New Summonable Mob: Tpumpkyn

New Farmable Mob: Bobeko (replaces the Yeti)

New Tameable Mob: Balayang (replaces the Manticore)

New Mountable Mob: Grell

New Summonable Mob: Vorach

New Summonable Mob: Grigori

New Models: Maka, Maka Alpha, Jouste, Jouste Alpha, Arisaur, Yale, Aspid, Vespid, Vespid Queen

Added Creature Type Saddles crafted from vanilla saddles, these can stack but will make getting the correct saddle a little more challenging.

Several new animated Charge Item Textures.

Several new Spawn Egg Item Textures.

Vespid Hive Building is finally back and has been upgraded! Vespid Hives now produce Honey Blocks and the Vespid Queen can become friendly if you feed her enough insect treats where her swarm will no longer attack you... mostly...

Vespid Hives now produce Veshoney and Vespid Queen can be befriended using Insect Treats.

A link has been added to the Beastiary.

A Card Game link for Shard TCG has been added to the Beastiary.

Added Flowersaur special skin for Arisaurs.

New Taming System! Each creature requires a varying amount of Reputation to tame. Feeding creatures a treat item will increase the reputation by 50-100 randomly. When you start taming a creature, a Taming Bar will appear when you look at the creature.

When half way tamed, the taming bar will turn green and the creature will become friendly where it will no longer attack you on sight. It may still attack back or be encouraged by fellow pack members to attack still though so be careful!

At 100% reputation the creature will become tamed.

I plan on expanding this system in the future by adding new ways to increase reputation and the temporary taming of powerful rare creatures.

Crafted Equipment now has Sharpness and Mana!

New Block Added: Equipment Station

Use the Equipment Station to restore the Sharpness or Mana of Crafted Equipment by feeding it various items such as Flint or Redstone.

Added Creature Knowledge Experience, you must now kill, study or stay near creatures in order to slowly level up your knowledge of them over time.

Creatures can now only be Tamed or Summoned if you have Knowledge Rank 2 of them.

New Dungeon and Block Theme Added: The Ashen Mausoleum. The Block art is currently too vibrant and is still being worked on.

Added animations and particles to various Projectiles and Charge, eventually all of them will have these improvements.

Smitefire and Primefire Blocks Added.

Soul Contracts added for trading Soulbound Pets!

Major Fixes:

Fixed a crash caused by laser projectiles in some cases.

Fixed a crashed when parsing certain configs when the client is set to certain languages.

Fixed a client side memory leak, this takes a long time to become significant.

Fixed server-side crash caused by Spriggan Heart when used with no Summoning Sets.

Large Mob movement performance optimisations, this should help reduce their impact on servers.

Fixed Concapede Behaviour.

Config Changes:

Significant changes have been made to Creature, Spawner and Item json configs. You will need to delete your config/lycanitesmobs folder or manually remove old json configs and update any edited ones.

Tremor and Roc json config flags now work correctly.

Creature Group configs can now have Villagers and Players added instead of Humanoids, this can be used to stop mobs from attacking Villagers, the old config for this has been removed.


Several creatures have been renamed!

Yetis and Manticores have been removed and replaced with new mobs, these mobs will return in the future but in new and improved forms.

Deinoyus have been renamed to Stryder.

Jousts have had their name spelling changed to Jouste with an 'e' added.

Various Treat item crafting recipes have been adjusted.

Several item descriptions have been updated.

Mobs hunting other mobs will now path less frequently to help server performance.

Area harvesting with Equipment will no longer mass destroy blocks that have Block Entities like Chests, Furnaces, etc.

Removed the speed boost pets get when following their owner as it was making for buggy looking behaviour.

Overhauled the loot tables of each dungeon.

The dungeon crystal light blocks now all have a subtle animation.

The Soulgazer will now display a tooltip and durability bar to reflect a player's study cooldown time.


The Asmodeus boss fight has been improved and is now more difficult due to a new hitscan attack and minion changes.

Behemophets are now significantly more powerful but also a little rarer, they can now melee attack, pick up and throw their victims!

Acid now creates Diorite when mixing with water.

Poison now creates Andesite when mixing with water.

Acid now destroys items.

Mobs spawned from Lava, Acid, Poison and Ooze will no longer drop items unless they are dealt player damage in some form.

Several Equipment Parts have been rebalanced.

Amalgalich's Arena can now only be summoned in the overworld and at least 500 blocks away from world spawn.

Rahovart's Arena can now only be summoned in the Nether.

Asmodeus's Arena can now only be summoned in the End and at least 500 blocks away from the exit portal.

Increased the speed of Ioray making them the fastest water mount in the mod.

Jengu now move at double speed in water, 1.5X when in rain.

Reduced the summoning costs of Abaia, Apollyon, Astaroth, Reaper and Troll.

Increased the damage of Volcans.

Reduced the health of Banshees.

Gekens no longer apply Levitation and Poison, instead they attack twice as fast.

Aegis now take double damage when in attack mode.

Mobs will now spawn with a random level between 1 and 5 by default, this can be changed via the configs.

Projectiles can now only by blocked with a Shield by looking at them.

Bag sizes of various pets and mounts have been changed.

Strafing speed of most mounts has been reduced.

Minor Fixes:

Several item drops from mobs have been fixed since the update from older Minecraft versions.

Fixed the glowstone spawner (spawns Raidra from glowstone).

Fixed the size scaling of several projectiles.

Fixed the audio clipping of the Arcane Laser Storm projectile.

Perched pets will no longer block vanilla projectiles like arrows.

Fixed the offset of blocks that are destroyed around certain mobs when they spawn such as Geonachs.

A distance check is now performed when access containers like the Summoning Pedestal this prevents an item duplication exploit.

Fixed Sharpness and Mana sometimes being infinite with Equipment.

Fixed the Gooderness Wildkin special skin.

Improved mod compatibility for the ore and gem spawners (Geonach and Vapula).

Improved mod compatibility with Repurposed Structures for spawning Aegis and Sylphs.

Fixed Dungeon Chest Loot Entropy (where many chests had duplicate loot).

Fixed a bug where Roa and Thresher Mounts could continue to use their whirlpools when out of stamina.