Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Earths Secret - Hotfix C - Version 1.6.4c for Minecraft 1.7.2


MediaFire Drive

Hotfix C:

Fixed a bug where the Beastiary/Minions are cleared client-side (re-logging would fix it) when going to different dimensions.

Hotfix B:

Rock Spawning should no longer cause crashes when certain blocks are broken.

The recipe for Paleo Salad should now use Arisaur Meat instead of Yale Meat!

Initial Release A:

New Forest Mob Added: Arisaur (Farmable plant sauropods!)

New Items Added: Sauropod Meat (But is it really meat?!) and Paleo Salad (Health boost food)

Bug Fix: Custom spawner chances should work correctly now (the chance was inverted).

Reivers and Cinders now have a up and down bob animation to make them look more floaty!

A super secret, can you find it before it finds you?!