Lycanites Mobs

Update: The Beastiary - Hotfix B - Version 1.6.0b for Minecraft 1.7.2


MediaFire Drive

Hotfix B:

The new tabs should no longer interfere with other mods.

The new tabs can now be completely disabled from the inventory via the config.

Initial Release A:

New Feature Added: The Beastiary - Look up each creature in game!

Added Inventory GUI Tabs and the Minion Manager has a sexy new background!

All tameable pets and mounts now require a special Treat item for taming. For example Ventoraptors can now only be tamed with a Ventoraptor Treat. Treats can't stack and aren't 100% guaranteed to work so you my need a few. This is designed to add more of a challenge to taming.

Shamblers can now be tamed as pets, great for the garden!

Changed some summonable mobs around:

- Trents and Trolls can no longer be summoned. Alternatives have been planned.

- Frostweavers and Skylus can now be summoned.

Added various food items to the ore dictionary to match some vanilla items. For example Aspid Meat can be used in recipes that use vanilla Beef, excellent for mods such a