Lycanites Mobs

Update: Tall, Mean and Green! - Version 1.4.5 for Minecraft 1.6.4


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IMPORTANT: Be sure to delete the entire LycanitesMobs/ folder from your config/ folder if you are upgrading from 1.4.4 or below as some config settings now take slightly different values which will spit up some error messages or possibly cause a crash!

New forest mob added: Trent

New effect added: Paralysis, this will freeze the target on the spot with very little movement and also removes the ability to jump. Flying targets struck with paralysis will be unable to move forwards, backwards, sideways or upwards causing them to slowly fall to the ground.

Spawn eggs can now be used on mob spawners to set them so that they will spawn whatever the spawn egg spawns. I was using this for testing but decided that it is a nice feature to have, this doesn't effect vanilla eggs or other mod eggs. There is currently a bug where the mob spinning inside it doesn't change unless you reload the chunk, but the mob spawner should start spawning the new mob type.

Fixed a bug where some mobs su