Lycanites Mobs

Update: Toxic Overlords - Version for Minecraft 1.12.2


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Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:

New Mob Added: Eechetik - Poison Elemental

Major Fixes:

Update: This version is unstable due to a dedicated server start up crash, there are no major issues if just using for a client however.

Mob Events should now function correctly in other dimensions again!

Bosses spawned via the boss events are no longer set as temporary where they were despawning after 10 minutes.

Fixed several default fish drop entries for various water mobs where the metadata was invalid causing untextured fish to drop.

Fixed a bug where mobs were resetting their health when unloaded and reloaded.

Fixed melee attack range of mobs.

Fixed a rendering issue with Asmodeus' shield effect.

Config Changes:

New Mushroom Spawner Added.

Added config options to disable Aegis Chest protection.

The Sleep JSON Spawner Trigger can now filter by bed blocks, etc.

Added config options to restrict the spawning of Subspecies by a minimum starting day (defaults to day 0).

Added config options to control the levels of mobs created via elemental fusion.


The disruption spawner (Argus) will now display a message on spawning.

Aegis will now allow players with at least a reputation of 1 in a village to use chests and destroy blocks meaning you need to do at least 1 Villager trade.

The Vespid Queen is now arbour type instead of acid type by default.

Changed the Afrit hitbox to be more accurate.

Removed Volcan water evaporation as too buggy or laggy.

Bosses should no longer by targetable by most non-tamed mobs.

Hellfire now uses Obsidian as a source block and will fizzle out on Netherack now.


Halved the default spawn rate of the mix spawner (Xaphans).

By default, the Asmdoeus and Rahovart Boss Events will no longer add random levels meaning the bosses are always level 1.

Jengu projectiles no longer apply penetration and instead apply mining fatigue.

Xaphan projectiles now apply Penetration II down from IV.

Minor Fixes:

By default the lunar spawner no longer spawns during the day.

Added the missing Beastiary icon for the Xaphan.

Zephyr are now immune to lightning again.

Aegis should only protect chests and blocks near a Village or their home position if set.

Mob shadow sizes are now relative to their hit box rather than fixed at 0.5.