Lycanites Mobs

Update: Blood! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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Configs older than will be reset!

New Rare Subspecies Added: The Lunar Grue

Language: Updated Russian translations, thanks Merkaba5!

Bug Fix: Extended world properties are now world independent, the global world save data was being incorrectly used for each world which would mess up the events system when running in multiple dimensions.

Bug Fix: Tinkers Construct Tools will now longer cause a crash when used on mobs that are weak to certain tool types, additionally they should deal additional damage now if applicable.

Balancing: The Death spawn type (Phantom Spawner) will now only be able to spawn mobs at night when in the overworld.

Balancing: Grue can now only teleport to their target if it is in a dim or dark light level, this means that if you stand by a torch when fighting a Grue, it will no longer by able to teleport behind you, it can still however fly over to you.

Config Change: The Underground Spawn Type (Spawns Chupacabras) can now