Lycanites Mobs

Update: Molten Fury! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Curse

Configs older than will be reset!


Improvement: Drastically lowered the chance of a Winter Gift from dropping.

Improvement: Drastically lowered the amount of items dropped from Winter Gifts.

Imrpovement: The Satan Claws event now fast forwards the world to night time.



New Mob Events Added: A selection of Winter Season Events have been added! Hoo hoo hoo! Various mobs have their very own skins for these events too!

New Item Added: Winter Gift, open it up and see what's inside!

New Item Upgrades Added: The Cinderfall Sword can be upgraded to the Verdant or Azure Cinderfall Sword and the Venom Axeblade can be upgraded into the Golden or Verdant Venom Axeblade! These upgrades deal a little more damage and spawn colored mobs with an extra long duration!

Improvement: Removed the Feast Foods (Battle Burrito and Explorers Risotto) from the dungeon loot tables.

Bug Fix: Skylus should now melee attack aga