Lycanites Mobs

Update: Molten Fury! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Curse

Configs older than will be reset!


Improvement: The Mob Event Dimension Black/Whitelsits should now work correctly. By default the only events in the Nether are now Hell's Fury and Cinderfall and the only event that can start in the end is Shadow Games. Any suitable future events will be added to these dimensions too. All events can still occur in the overworld and seasonal events will override all of this such as the Halloween events or the upcoming Winter Solstice/Christmas events which should be out sometime this or next week.

Improvement: All mounts can now jump over 3 blocks in height and have improved falling resistance.

Improvement: The Zephyr's static aura no longer causes paralysis, instead their melee attacks have a chance to cause it.

Bug Fix: Projectiles should now apply the fire effect for the correct amount of time, after fixing the effect durations for everything else the fire durations ended up being multiplied by 20, oops!

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