Lycanites Mobs

Update: Trick or Treat?! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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IMPORTANT: Configs older than will be reset to default, be sure to backup or manually increase your config's version in lycanitesmobs-version.cfg, be sure to read the update notes if doing this.


Bug Fix: Epions now have a config option to disable their explosions and will also respect the mob griefing game rule.


New Shadow Mob: Epion - Giant Death Bats!

New items Added: Blood Leach Charge and Scepter - A life draining projectile!

New Spawn Type Added: Lunar - Used to spawn Epions during the full moon at night!

Event Change: Shadow Mobs no longer spawns Phantoms, instead it spawns Epions in their place with the Grue. Phantoms will be added to a new event soon.

Major Bug Fix: Mobs spawned by none-event spawners should now despawn, mobs that have already been spawned with this bug will still not despawn however as their persistence is saved, they can been removed using peaceful difficulty, or killed off if possible though.