Lycanites Mobs

Update: Fear The Reaper! - Version for Minecraft 1.7.10


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IMPORTANT: Configs older than will be reset to default, be sure to backup or manually increase your config's version in lycanitesmobs-general.cfg.

New Shadow Mob Added: Phantom

New Items Added: Spectral Bolt Charge and Scepter

New Block Added: Shadowfire

New Spawn Types Added: Death (when killing none-undead mobs) and Sleep (when attempting to use a bed at night)

New Effect Added: Fear (run in uncontrollable terror!)

Shadow Games Event: The Phantom has been added.

Improvement: The spawners used for Geonachs and Spriggans now use the Harvest Drops Event instead of the Block Break Event, this should be much more mod compatible and should stop exploits such as using water to harvest crops without Spriggans spawning.

Russian Translation updated, thanks Merkaba, you're a boss!

Bug Fix: Projectiles should now have the correct durations (was set in ticks instead of seconds).

Bug Fix: Shadow Mobs should now be called Shadow Mobs in the mods list, etc instead of Mou