Lycanites Mobs

Update: Lycanite's and Gooderness' Special Moblympics! - Hotfix C - Version 1.10.0c for Minecraft 1.7.10


MediaFire Drive

Configs older than 1.9.1 will be reset.

Hotfix C:

Major Bug Fix: I've revised a lot of the Mob Events code now and it is much more stable.

Improvement: I've optimized a lot of the Special Mob Spawner Code, mostly the STORM and Mob Event spawners are affected using a much more efficient random location selector than before.

Bug Fix: Added more null checks to a mob's spawn location check, this might help a certain crash that happens with some other mods that affect spawning.

Tweak: Like Cinders, Nether Soul no longer play a looping fire sound, this has been removed because it took up too many 'sound slots' which meant other sounds were constantly cut off.

I'll be releasing a build for MC 1.7.2 soon too once I can safely mark this update as stable.

Hotfix B:

Major Bug Fix: Fixed a crash caused by mob events sometimes, oops!

Initial A:

Random World Mob Events have been added!

These will occur (by default) every 20-40 minutes and will feature a minute long swarm