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A powerful lich that has engulfed so many souls to power it's colossal form that it has lost it's identity and succumbed to madness. This ravaging monstrosity must be put down!

This is a boss mob that is usually summoned via a Boss Event using an Amalgalich Altar. This boss has 3 Battle Phases.

All Phases:
The Amalgalich is a massive undead that will constantly bombard targets with giant Spectral Bolts which cause fear and blindness, it is vital that these are avoid as fear can lead to doom!

Phase 1:
The Amalgalich summons Reapers and will periodically use Consumption a powerful attack that sucks everything in leading to instant death! Any Reapers consumed will also heal the Amalgalich.
So be sure to run away when it's eyes light up try not to leave too many Reapers alive for it to eat!

Phase 2:
The Amalgalich will stop trying to eat, for now, instead Geists and giant Epions are summoned. Overtime the Geists will grow and grow and then eventually burst into large areas of dangerous Shadowfire, killing the Geists before they pop will stop this. If there is too much Shadowfire, killing the Epions will clear any Shadowfire beneath them.
Try to keep the arena clear for Phase 3.

Phase 3:
The Amalgalich is hungry again, so you better run! This time giant balls of Darklings are lobbed around the arena, it is best to keep the Darklings at bay and just damage down the boss without getting eaten.
If there are too many Geists or Epions left from Phase 2, the boss can and will eat these to regain health possibly putting it back into Phase 2 again so keep those minions at bay!


Normal, Ashen, Russet

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